Syspect Developers


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1 Contact

If you detect any problems with Syspect, please write a mail to Johannes Faber or submit a bug to Bugzilla!


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2 Syspect developers

Currently, the following developer work on Syspect
Johannes Faber
Boris Rosenow
Matthias Peters
Sven Linker


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3 Syspect student project

The «Syspect» was developed in 2005-2006 by an student project at the Correct System Design Group. The original web page of the project can be found on http://syspect.informatik.uni-oldenburg.de/archiv/index.de.html zu finden.


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4 Former Syspect Developers

Moreover, the following developers worked on Syspect:
Jannis Stachowiak
Ingo Brckner
Ulrich Hobelmann
Michael Mller
Dominik Denker

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