System Requirements:

  • Java Runtime Enviroment (JRE) 6 or newer version: Free download on java.sun.com
  • Minimum 500 Mhz with 256 MB Ram or compareable

Binary Releases:
Syspect is available as binary release on the

sourceforge.net project page for Syspect.
  • Linux,
  • Mac OS X,
  • Solaris, or
  • Windows.

Installation & Start:
Depending on you operating system and architecture download the zip-file to your harddisk. Extract the zip-file into a directory of your choice. In the main directory of the extracted program you will find an executable to start the tool.

The sourcecode of Syspect can be found on

It is browsable via viewcvs.
SyspectInstallation_en.pdf provides a short introduction how to install Syspect from the sources.

Further files:
To be able to use the LaTeX output for CSP-OZ-DC, the style files

csp-oz.sty and dc.sty
are necessary. Additionally, czt.sty from the Community Z Tools (which are used to generate the LaTeX output) is needed.

If you detect any problems with Syspect, please write a mail to Johannes Faber or submit a bug to Bugzilla!